REVIEW: E.V.I.L. Heroes #2 (of 6)

What if the Justice League came to Earth to rule instead of save? That is more or less the question that is being addressed in this new limited series by Zenescope. It’s not DC’s Justice League of America mind you. This is a group of knockoffs that resemble the mighty seven from the pages of DC. Writer Joe Brusha’s intent is clear, this is his version of the Crime Syndicate of America (JLA’s evil doppelgänger) and they are willing to destroy the world in order to rule it.

We are treated to more than just a rip-off of America’s favorite super heroes; we also get a Donald Trump look-a-like president who grovels in front of the main villain Chaos (this story’s version of evil Superman) It’s nice to see evil meet evil isn’t it?

I’m not going to waste much time here covering this issue, I didn’t enjoy it and I don’t think experienced readers will enjoy it either. This is Zenescope’s attempt at building a ripoff JLA vs. (X-Men? Avengers?… It’s unclear who this new group of heroes will be that are introduced at the end of issue 2.) It’s the same old super group versus super group, but without any style or panache.

We are supposed to cheer for a group of military survivors that are hiding in an underground base in Nevada. These soldiers are given mutant powers thanks to a secret government project that has been mothballed until now. The characters themselves don’t want to be part of this project until they watch fake superman punch apart the moon. (But not really…because the broken parts of the moon regrouped into a smaller moon because the gravity of- oh look SCIENCE! …or some such nonsensical  explanation)

I didn’t get invested in this story at all. It was pure filler, and while I understand that new fans to the industry may pick this up to see a fight between super teams, it will leave older readers ice-cold. The whole thing felt tired and redundant.

Final Thought: Pass this comic over and move on to a better title that is offered by Zenescope.

Final Grade: 1 star

Story: Joe Brusha
Art: Eric J. and Cristhian Zamora
Colors: Marco Lesko
Publisher: Zenescope

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