REVIEW: Earth 2 #32

STORY BY: Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennett, Mike Johnson
ART BY: Andy Smith
COLORS BY: Peter Pantazis
LETTERS BY: Travis Lanham
COVER BY: Yildiray Cinar
RELEASE DATE: Mar 4th, 2015

Over in Earth 2, we are in the middle of an invasion. No, I am not talking about Apokolips (again, is this the third time?). I am talking about the number of names on the cover! Now this may be a requirement with the Worlds End weekly crossover, but three writers, two artists and two inkers? What next, two editors?

Daniel H. Wilson and Marguerite Bennett and Mike Johnson are team writers and between them, they have managed to cobble some of the worst dialogue I have read in sometime, with cliche on top of cliche. This issue is a holding pattern, which to be honest, is kind of the knock on the whole series.

Over on team art we have Andy Smith and Airi Kamiyama who manage to keep  everyone looking like they have in the past.  The fact that I can’t see much of a difference between the two makes me ask why do you need two artists? Some of the consistency in art could be attributed to Trevor Scott who has been on the book for some time. Of course, this being the menagerie of talent it is, he is only one of two inkers.

I used to really love this book back when James Robinson was world building helped by Nicola Scott. Back then, it even gave Justice League, with its high profile creators, a run for its money. Nowadays, this isn’t even the best alternative world book, with Injustice Gods holding that title.  After nearly three years, it’s disappointing to see this book hasn’t moved away from it’s Apokolips attacks inception.

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