REVIEW: Earth 2 Society #18

When your brain starts a review with noises that sound like you’re trying to scratch behind your ear with your foot, there’s a problem. I love the JSA. Even the bit crap versions that have been on the tube, love them. I’m currently chewing my way through the tasty Sandman Mystery Theatre series and it is sooo gooood.

So when the New 52 brought about Earth 2 I was chuffed to little mint balls…till I saw the designs and the fact they only paid a modicum of lip service to the original concept, it was Bayformers all over again. I loved the legacy heroes, the Golden age ideals and the real feeling that this was the foundations of the superhero community, and it was all gone, missing from the revamped polished up effort.

Then I read this.

It’s sooo gooood.

I still think the Flash looks a bit crap, where’s the Green Lantern? Why is the Sandman all weird…but oh my goodness the ideas are cool, the design is sleek (except the Flash, still crap) the story is cosmic but grounded, I like this Superman more than the other one and I’m giving very real thought to checking out the trades for this series despite it all going a bit crossover happy a while ago. That’s very annoying space wise, so digital it is.

So yeah, as I write this my brain is going “nnnnng mmmmnrrrr geh geh” as I try to get my foot up to my head.

Written by Dan Abnett, art by Bruno Redondo, published by DC

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