REVIEW: Earth 2: Society #7

STORY BY Daniel H. Wilson
ART BY Jorge Jimenez, Alisson Borges
COLORS BY Alejandro Sanchez, Blond

This series has had some up and downs since it’s inception as an alternative Justice League in the Nu 52, to the rebooted version we have now, following Convergence.

So it seems that Jimmy Olsen has gone crackpot nuts and is trying to create boom tubes, destroy the New Earth and of course the Green Lantern.  Helping him in his nefarious ways is someone who is dressed like the Huntress (don’t worry, I will come back and explain this).  As such its up to the estranged Super Couple and the rag-tag versions of the old Justice Society heroes to save the day.

Written by Daniel H. Wilson, this book comes across as a collection of set pieces bolted onto the idea of team angst.  In reality though, actions have no impact or ramification.  For example, the Flash’s glimpse under Johnny Sorrow’s mask has little or no impact; the Super Couple barely snarl at one another and then there is Huntress. Now, I like the Helena Wayne version, having read the mini-series that spawned Worlds Finest and the subsequent run until it became another Batman and Superman.  With this in mind, knowing how back then, it was Helena that was content on nu 52 Earth with Power Girl pushing to return home.  Since then, she has had a semblance of a relationship with her grandfather in lieu of her father, Bruce Wayne.  So then please explain to me how in this she is spouting about changing things and bringing people back??  It just doesn’t gel.

The good thing about this book is the art by Jorge Jimenez and Alisson Borges who promote action through the panels in the book by using a more angular approach.  I may have been critical of the art in the past, but this book has a different look to he kind of house style that has previously preceded it, albeit with a Breyfogle twist.

Reading the book was a disappoint.  I loved the earliest series by James Robinson but this just seems like a collect of action with no rhyme of reason.  For fans of the book, I have a quick question, after Convergence DC went with a whole “continuity be damned” approach to storytelling.  As such, why can’t there be a regular Justice Society book in the same vein as the New Teen Titans book?

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