REVIEW: Earth Invasion #1

G’Day Crusaders,

Earth Invasion By Nate Wunderman with art by Ron Fontes and Neal Yamamoto. Published by Wunderman Comics.

Earth is under attack, hence the name Earth Invasion. The aliens mentioned are of an insect-humanoid species with the desire to destroy inferior lifeforms, those of Earth. Nate and his faithful dog Chopper do their best to contribute to preventing destruction. They are members of a secret ops team, a team organised with one purpose.. kill aliens.


In an operation, one of there aliens are captured and is in the process of being interrogated. Will mankind find a way of preventing the earth from this invasion?

Overall, the structure of the story is a confusing to follow mainly because there is no narritive. In some panels it is not required. The writer uses character dialogue to replacing narrtive to explain what’s going, the writer should engage the reader which I feel this book fails to accomplish.

This book opens by using stereotypes with different ethnicities, I find it rather overused and can be offensive.

The art style reminds me of 2000AD style, it is beautifully colored and heavily detailed. The action scenes add the impact. The writing lets the book down.


This book has an interesting premise, I’d enjoy it more if the dialogue were improved and some narrative.

Issue #1 – Earth Invasion and Time Corps is available for FREE to everybody on Google Play, Kobo and Drive Thru Comics
Also available at:  iTunes – Google Play –  Amazon – Nook – Hoopla Digital – iVerse (comics plus app) – Scribd
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