REVIEW: Eclipse #3

In a world were global warming means getting a tan with turn you into a charcoal brickette policemen called Icemen are doing something policy. No recap, one star down already.

The pacing is like an epileptic butcher having a fit at an inopportune moment, choppy. A bit more indication is needed for a few scene changes. The dialogue is like an eight hundred meters sprinter, great in short bursts but like that runner with a stone in his sneaker, the pacing is wobbly. Story and over all plot are pretty neat though and with this only being the third issue it could improve with leaps and bounds.

The art is where it’s all at, great page layout, expressions, story telling it’s all here. It has that “inked over photograph” quality and “California colouring” that suits the story down to the ground.

It’s got mystery, intrigue and more than enough to carry you past it’s pacing issues so this would probably be better in a trade.

Written by Zack Kaplan, art by Giovanni Timpano, published by Image

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