REVIEW: Eclipse #7

There is no going back for our protagonists, they both chose to live in the light rather than remain in darkness. But when the sunlight literally burns people to death, neither has made the safe choice. But at this point they never really had a choice at all.

Cielo and Bax have been separated for a while now, but their journeys continue to parallel one another as they both hunt for the truth of who is behind the experiments that allow some people to live in the burning daytime. Their companions keep offering them chances to turn back, but they both know that those are false hopes. They are at the point where they know too much and too little.

The corporation will kill them for knowing how many lies they are telling the general population, but they don’t have the information they need to prove it.

If you haven’t been reading this book, nine years ago something happened where the sunlight became extremely deadly. It brought such extreme heat that it kills anyone exposed to it almost instantly. People could only go out in the daylight if the wore spacesuit like clothes that kept them from boiling. Except, there are a small group of people who can survive in the sunlight and our main characters are trying to find out how and why.

Zack Kaplan has been adept at playing the character beats tightly. He manages to release ad then recapture tension in the right measures like an expert jazz musician. The story continues to be surprising and compelling.

Giovanni Timpano’s (Lone Ranger/Green Hornet, The Shadow, Hellraiser) art has also continued to be on point showing the decay and wear of the extreme temperatures on the building and equipment. You can believe that they have been weathering nine years of the extremes. He displays the right amount of gore when people get caught in the sunlight and their bodies boil instantly.

But the real credit in this series should go to the color artist, Flavio Dispenza, who took over from Chris Northrop in issue 5. The color work is amazing from the green-gray shadowy world of safety to the deadly bleached yellow-whites of daylight, Dispenza shows the importance of great color work.

Kaplan, Timpano and Dispenza work together like a great trio. They seem to be feeding each other ideas and inspiration. It is especially impressive since both Kaplan and Dispenzea are new comers to comics. If you aren’t reading this you should be. The first couple issues are available in trade for a quick catch up.

Writer: Zack Kaplan
Artist: Giovanni Timpano
Colors: Flavio Dispenza
Publisher: Top Cow

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