REVIEW: Eden’s Fall #2

There is an old adage that simply states “Be mindful of what you wish for”. In this, the second issue of this revenge noir book from Image studio Top Cow, James Miller get an opportunity to fulfil his greatest wish. Albeit, with maybe a cost to his soul, his lover maybe even more.

Caught in Eden’s Fall, miles away from his partners in crime, James has a tough choice to make. Does the idea of self-assured mutual destruction really seem like a good basis to make decisions that will affect the rest of your life? For James, it’s a weigh up kind of deal – how bad does he want Thornton?

This issue contains to drop the tenseness bombs as writers Matt Hawkins and Bryan Hill continue to weave a path, that leads to surprising confrontations in the” off the grid” town. Between the pair of them, things keep getting darker for all those concerned, at least on the side of the angels. Loss is the key ingredient on show, especially strong after the setup of the first issue. The dialogue can seem a little cheesy in places, although the delivery of the dialogue is a little hampered by some flat panels of conversation.

Atilio Rojo works really hard to make the art enjoyable throughout every phase of the book. The action scenes work well, as doesedens any scene with the various types of confrontation, be it physical, threats or deals. Still, there are occasions, where a certain flatness endangers the enjoyment of the book, mainly when the situation calls for an emotional response. If they were actors in place of art, they could be described as wooden in some places. Here, the lack of genuine emotion can dilute the impact of certain scenes. Rojo does get extra points as inker and colorist of the book, utilizing strong colors in the darker than dark world generating a sense of doom for all those involved.

Whilst it is a given that there is more than meets the eye to the town of Eden’s Fall, the fact that the outside world shares a level of ambiguity can seem more disturbing. Overall, this book continues to deliver on the promises made in the first issue.

Writing – 4 Stars
Art-4 Stars
Colors – 4 Stars

Story By: Matt Hawkins
Story By: Bryan Hill
Art By: Atilio Rojo
Cover By: Rahsan Ekedal
Variant Cover By: Linda Sejic

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