REVIEW: Elephantmen #72

By Richard Starkings & Abigail Jill Harding, published by Image

One sec…


There now I’ve got that out of my…


Sorry sorry, this comic is off its tits. It’s brilliant, I’m finding more even as we speak, if for no other reason than to find out what in the name of Jesuses shriveled foreskin was going on.

As far as I can tell in the future animal hybreds have been used in a war, then cast aside and Ebony, a legless Elephantman, is trying to find his way in the world so he visits a Doctor Strange rip off (he even has an Asian manservant) and goes on a trip that would make Hunter S. Thompson jack it all in and take up knitting.

The writing is a bit over the top and wanky in places and doesn’t mind taking the long way around to enable the artist to fill up the comic with pages and pages of what can only be described as what would happen if Dumbo was impregnated by a face hugger and Francis Bacon did a painting of the complete life cycle. But when you’ve wiped away the excess jizz it delivers an interesting take on being who you are compared to being told what you are.

The bits that aren’t tripping balls are beautiful and take me some way into the atmosphere of my all time favourite film Bladerunner. The characters haunt the pages and I really wanted to follow them home to see what they would do next.

So yeah, this is the good shit.

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