Writer: Adam Warren
Artist: Adam Warren
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

One of the things that I like about Dark Horse Comics is their apparent love for any type of comic book.  They manage to put out quality hero books, horror books, tie-ins, anime and quirky books.  This one shot from Adam Warren certainly fits the last two genres.

Empowered is a super-chica, part of the Superhomeys team.  To be honest, part of the team would be a massive promotion, judging from both  the characters and other people’s view of her.  You see, Empowered has super fragile superheroine suit, attracting a level of bondage not seen since the early issues of Wonder Woman. Despite her attempts, saving the day and the such, she is still kind of dismissed, leading to a bit of a meltdown of her new slightly mature mind-set.

Adam Warren is the series writer and artist.  Looking at the writing first, the strength of the comic will be how you can relate to Empowered somewhat rambling attempts to see herself for more than others see her.  Her dialogue and mannerisms scream manga.  The book seems to love the quirky humour, but this may not be for everyone.  As it’s a one shot, the book does feel like se pieces thrown together.

The art has that manga feel also.  Whilst their are numerous references to her butt, her semi there costume and of course the bondage, there is isn’t actually a gratuitous amount of either.  The art has a curvy appeal that suits both the story and I suspect, the perceived audience.  The book has a lack of color, with texture added through the use of shading and its effective.

I have read this book a couple of times, well, it went like this; tried to read it but the dialogue of whiney super brat annoyed me; read it all the way through a couple of days later and I have to admit, I smiled more than once.

So, there you have it.  If you have read this character before and loved her, then this is for you.  Otherwise, you reaction to the book may affected by your mood.  Either way, you can not argue about the quality of the book.

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