REVIEW: Empress #5

Written by Mark Millar, art by Stuart Immonen, published by Icon (Marvel)

Well what do you think? No recap, so no idea what’s going on but someone’s been captured by someone else, a big mean looking twat is looking for them, and some people narrowly escape the clutches of a tribe of aliens.

It flows well, the dialogue never gets as dark as Millar can get, which in this case is a good thing. It all feels delightfully science fictiony. Just wait till I’m in charge of the comics industry though, recaps will be fucking mandatory.

Art, Stuart Immonen, what more do you need to know? Clean, crisp lines, plenty of techy stuff aliens that look like they’re from another planet, faces emote and characters kick bottom. If I had to pick one knit, it would be a lack of contrast in the colours, a few darker tones here and there could have added a bit of depth to some of the scenes.

It doesn’t feel like an opus, but with this creative team you know you’re in for as good ride.


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