REVIEW: Empress Issue #1

Written By: Chuck Amadori
Art By: Marcelo Salaza
Colors By: Matheus
Co-Created By: Aghori Shaivite & Chuck Amadori
Publisher: Isle Squared Comics


First, I’ll say that this comic has a lot of potential if led in the right direction. There were two things that stuck out to me (and they are the same things that always stick out in a comic); the art, and the writing. Being a writer, I’ll start there.

My dilemma was that everything sounded forced. None of the characters in this comic seemed to speak normally, as if they were over-acting in a sitcom or stage play. And quite honestly, I can’t confidently tell you the overarching story plot. Well I could, but not without typing for days blabbing on trying to properly explain it. However, the good thing is that the script isn’t over saturated with speaking parts, which tends to happen with first issue indie comics. I was able to see the art and not feel like I was reading a novel.

The art was quite off-putting for me. Actually, I take that back. The art was fine, but the hard shadows made all the characters extremely creepy looking. With the water color styled artwork, the shades made you feel like you were walking through a wax museum. The upside? Just soften the shading! I actually found the artwork to be pretty decent. It by far was not the worst thing I’ve seen, but the color tones and the hard shading & lighting was a contrast that didn’t belong.

Keep working on this project! As a film guy, I definitely want to be interested in this comic, however a few things need honing in order for me to take it seriously.


Tyrone Selby

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