REVIEW: Escape from New York #8

Written by Christopher Selba art by Diego Barreto published by Boom

If I had this physical copy of this it wouldn’t be good enough to swat flies. Throw in my least favourite cardinal sin, no recap page and you have a comic that’s a collection of unconnected set pieces and baffling pacing. The ‘story’ is something about Snake rescuing a Russian from somewhere.

Diego Barreto’s art is a mess, with close ups of compositions covering up for the lack of backgrounds, the camera changes angles more than liberal spin doctor and the perspective is so flat the panels look like they’re in danger of sliding of the page.

The dialogue is trite and commits the other cardinal sin of speech making during a fight. At one point Snake fights an actual, giant gimp who must hold the longest after dinner speech record at the local dungeon.

It’s trying so desperately to be cool, and considering the source material that shouldn’t be hard but this comic makes Escape from L.A look like a fucking masterpiece.

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