From the pages of Fables! Comes a story I don’t think anyone was asking for. I’ve read a shed load of fables, not finished it but a shed load. It was great. This, if it wasn’t tied to that, would be better. It feels a lot like Star Trek Voyager, an unnecessary addition to the cannon despite being enjoyable in places. I don’t recognize any of the characters, the fundamental premise of Fables is out in favour of some kind of black ops all out wackiness with ghosts and gods and new man-made fables.

It’s a bit all over the shop and no recap. Not entirely sure how one of the characters survives a massive chest wound either. The art is good, tells the story slightly better than the writing and there’s some good design work and ideas.

It’s not something I’ll be reading, but if you are a nihilistic you might enjoy it.

(W) Matthew Sturges, Dave Justus (A) Travis Moore (CA) Tula Lotay

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