REVIEW: Evil Dead 2: Dark Ones Rising #2

With Ash vs the Evil Dead back on our screens with season two what better way to celebrate than with an Evil Dead book… Plus it’s Halloween so a book about body stealing ghouls and demons is a must.


Last issue we left off with Ash and Annie face to face with a ‘Dark One’ an evil demon God from the mirror dimension, with no magic Dagger or necronomicon (thanks to Annie burning them both) it looks like our “heroes” are royally screwed.

With no way of Magically defending themselves Ash and Annie head to New Orleans for a little Voodoo assistance, with the help of the most powerful Voodoo practitioner in the French quarter Ash and Annie find a small glimmer of hope and head out to face off against the towering being laying waste to the world but without the necronomicon I don’t like their odds.

I’ve been a fan of Ash and his evil dead antics for a while now and his last series ‘Fury Road’ was action packed and full to the brim of his one liners but this is very much Annie’s book with Ash being a backup character which is such a shame as I personally started reading thinking I was getting all Ash all the time. The story itself moves along at a fast enough speed to not bore the reader but Annie’s monologue can get a little tedious at times, the art isn’t the best but it’s far from the worst, it’s very simple and plain which isn’t always to my liking with some panels looking like they were given more time and effect than others. Overall the feel of an Evil Dead book IS still there it’s just a little more diluted than others I’ve read.

For this one I’m giving it 3 with it losing points for being a little too Annie heavy.

Evil Dead 2: Dark Ones Rising #2
Written by Frank Hannah
Pencils by Raul Valdes
Inks by Carlos Eduardo
Colours by Chris Summers
Letters by Taylor Esposito
Published by Space Goat Publishing
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

Now if you’ll excuse me this book has given me an appetite for some Ash action and I’m going to watch Ash vs the Evil Dead to grey my fix.

Do you agree with my review? Comment below or find me online everywhere @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of this book.

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