REVIEW: Evil Ernie – Godeater #1

The cover is amazing, it’s what made me want to read this book, the look of Ernie is so creepy, I should LOVE this book…. Sadly it’s just fine. I’ve never heard of Evil Ernie or his little buddy Smiley who is adorable for what I assume is a demon shrunken head while Ernie is a big old bag of attitude, when he’s attacked by a group of possessed people and bested in battle, his only hope is to have some when an angel steps in to save him and warns him of a threat to both heaven and hell. It’s time for Ernie to step up and be the saviour of hell and heaven

This book has potential to be really good and I really wanted to love it because it’s right up my alley. I’ll be giving the next issue a go to see if it improves, for an issue one it didn’t give enough information for my liking but as long as answers come I’ll be happy. The art is gorgeous throughout, each page feels like it was drawn with charcoal, making the darker panels truly stunning. A slow start but with a good idea and this high a standard of art it deserves a second chance

Overall not a bad issue but it’s only a 3 star book so far, fingers crossed for a better issue two.

Evil Ernie:Godeater #1
Written by Justin Jordan
Art & colours by Colton Worley
Letters by A Larger World Studios
Published by DynamiteComics
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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