REVIEW: Exilium # 0.5

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy in the mix bringing you Exilium # 0.5 by Benjamin Slabak with art by Salomon Farias and Marc Sintes, letters by HdE. Proudly published by Cloud 9 Comix.

For those of you know me or if you listen to our podcast Flipside Focus know my love for cosmic comics, from Kirby to Starlin and DNA. So why wouldn’t I want to review a space book? This is the half issue introductory story by Ben Slabak which is about official contact between humans and extra terrestrial migrants and yes this is a space book (hence my excitement). These aliens arrive not as conquerors but as refugees as they run from something more sinister. Life has not been easy for the new inhabitants since their settlement on Earth, not all humans are happy to co-exist with these foreign refugees and there is tensions brewing. It appears something sinister is coming to earth, the same force that sent the aliens to seek earth as their new home. Can the joint human/alien forces resist the onslaught? And who are these invaders?
For a half issue, this has a decent amount of story to absorb without spoiling or giving away too much, it has the “check the next issue” conclusion to get you asking for more. The book does open with intense action with alien spaceships and giant robots.. tell me “who wouldn’t wanna read that? The focus is on the female lead Nia and her human and alien male colleagues. I loved the dialogue between the male character (lieutenant) and the Alien (T’Ru) which is a treat as they make fun of each other adding comic relief. I also enjoyed the subtle back stories of the characters without ruining the pace of the story. Farias and Sintes made a great impact with the art as they exemplified the action sequences and it is consistent end to end, it also made the story easy to follow.

This is a smart, witty and enjoyable story and I am looking forward to picking up Exilium # 1. Do ya’self a favor and check it out! Go to

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