REVIEW: Extraordinary X-Men #13

Written by Jeff Lemire, art by Victor Ibañez & Jay David Ramos, published by Marvel

I read this primarily to see if the fantards are right and Marvel are fucking over the X-Men, because reasons. I got to the end and thought it was a perfectly serviceable issue, bit of action, bit of characterization, some intrigue. I’m sure if you are reading this title you will get even more out of it than I did, which is cool.

Then it dawned on me Jeff Lemire wrote this and it suddenly seemed a little flatter. I love me some Lemire, Underwater Welder, Animal Man, Sweet Tooth mmmmmmm good times. This though seemed a bit off. Still good, great artwork, old man Logan looks old, teenage Jean looks like a teenager, there’s a fantastic double page spread going through multiple worlds, the whole thing is a pretty solid comic. There’s even a recap, brace for the sound of an angelic choir.

Lemire’s script is tight, voices are distinct and the plot is solid. Even a slight dissonance I felt with Nightcrawler’ was acknowledged and I was cool with it.

I just didn’t find my world rocked by a comic by such a good writer.

I still don’t think we will lose the X books altogether. 3.9/5

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