REVIEW: Extraordinary X-Men #8

When it comes to the X-Men they are no strangers to time travel. Some of the most convoluted characters and story lines come from stumbling through time. Look at Cable and Bishop. Look at the Days of Future Past story-line. I rest my case. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that in this latest installment the merry mutants are doing the time warp. This time the whole Extraordinary team is jumping one thousand years into the future.

The book starts out with Storm and Old Man Logan (I refuse to acknowledge this character as Wolverine) having a quite moment as they talk about the obstacles the mutant race has been through in recent months. Their tender heart to heart is interrupted by Forge who has made an amazing discovery; six hundred new mutant births have just been detected by Cerebra. So fire up the Blackbird! It’s time to jet to Japan, where the team runs into the least likely foe, a villain X-fans haven’t really seen since the mid/late 90’s. It’s Sugar Man!

Sugar has been building an ark to house a collection of mutant embryos. (Good luck guessing how he gathered all of those eggs) His master plan is to carry his collection into the future where the 600 future mutant babies will be raised into his personal slaves and soldiers. The X-team breaks up his plan, but not in time, as they are whisked away with the ark.

Even though I usually groan when it comes to time travel stories, I’m looking forward to the adventure that Lemire and Ramos are going to take us on. The final panel of the first story in this issue is a wonderful primer for the next installment and has me very interested in the outcome. I think that a lot of fans will be holding their breath waiting to see if the next issue is as awesome as it is shaping up to be.

The second story in the book is pure filler. I can’t even waste my time going into the particulars, just know that it’s a back up story that features Magik taking a young mutant named Sapna to see Dr. Strange, because…Magic. What more do you want? It’s a meaningless back up story that felt terribly out-of-place in this issue.

For the first time in months I’m excited to see where an X-book is going to go next. This all might be a build up into a story featuring Apocalypse (Just in time for the Fox movie kids! YAY marketing!) but regardless I’ve got to say that I am intrigued.

Story- Jeff Lemire (Both stories)
Art- Humberto Ramos (Omega World) Victor Ibanez (Strange Magik)
Inker- Victor Olazaba (Omega World)
Colors- Edgar Delgado (Omega World) Sotocolor (Strange Magik)
Letters- VC’s Joe Caramagna (Both stories)
Published- Marvel

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