REVIEW: Extremity #6

Sometimes, going into a series that you’ve never read before smack in the middle of all the happenings can leave you a little confused. In Extremity #6’s case, dizzied. But I was quite surprised, and I usually hate surprises; they make me freak out and no amount of cake can fix it.

Anyhoo, I landed right in the center of a battle between two opposing forces, the Paznina and the Roto. Psst, the reader is on the Roto’s side. The book opens with a very intense battle scene, and for a while I was wondering if the entire issue was going to be blood and the imaginary clanging of weapons as the two rivals fought each other in hordes. To be honest, I wasn’t quite mad at this, because Daniel Warren Johnson’s illustrations are to die for. Get it? The details of fitting so many warriors on so many pages was outstanding and I am feeling for his drawing hand right now. Though that’s what he gets, creating a brilliant story and taking on the load of the work as creator, writer, and artist. What a talented show off, am I right?

As the story started closing in, the reader sees the protagonist, Thea, and watches the turmoil as she has to figure out which to save-her family or her people. No spoilers but it kind of wretched at my heart a bit even though I’m new to this whole series. That’s the thing, this book pulls you in, and for being the sixth issue, I definitely need to go back and read the previous ones because I am clearly missing out.

I instantly felt emotion, and that emotion was damn, her father is an asshole. That counts, right? No matter, it’s clear that there’s something much deeper than the blood and battle the book opened on, though it is Mike Spicer’s beautiful colors that sucked me in at first glance. They’re rich and beautiful, but don’t erase or overshadow any of the ink work. Nothing is muddy, though you get the sense that the battlefield is a very mud-filled place. It’s gooey, it’s sharp, it’s flowing and everything is in its right place with these colors.

Extremity #6, you took me by surprise, and this time I don’t mind at all.

Story: 5 Stars
Illustrations:5 Stars
Cover: 5 Stars
Colors: 5 Stars

Story / Art / Cover: Daniel Warren Johnson
Colors: Mike Spicer

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