Review: Eyesight #4

Story: Callum Mackenzie
Art: Alex Hood

The story in Eyesight #4 revolves around the messenger who appeared in young Rhett’s dream last issue. He’s a blind thief, conveniently nicknamed “Blind”. We learn how he came to lose his vision, how he discovered his talents as a thief and the success he achieved in his his new found occupation. After a tragedy occurs in Blind’s town of Elkin, the big guy upstairs comes down to deliver him a message. He sends Blind on a journey in the desert to find a young girl accompanied by a man with a mask. After a long journey, Blind is successful in completing his task. He finds Rhett and her masked protector in the desert, and Rhett’s dreams from the end of the last issue become Blind’s reality.

Eyesight #4 is a good example of why it’s good to give an indie comic a chance every now & then. The creative team is putting for an entertaining story with equally entertaining artwork. There have been some fantastic page design choices made so far in this series and this issue was no exception. No two pages share a similar layout and it makes for a FUN read. This not an Ed Brubaker quality story or Alex Ross quality art, but that’s OK. The “guy next door” vibe this book has lends to the entertainment of reading it.

Final Verdict  : The Eyesight creative team is making comics their way, following their own rules. The story is strange, the art is odd, and it fits perfectly. Try something different. You might be surprised. Catch up at


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