REVIEW: Eyesis – The Untouchable #1

Straight from my hometown of Denver, Colorado, comes the stunning first issue of Eyesis the Untouchable. Writer, and editor, Alex Delia teams up with artist David Espy to take us into the life of Eyesis Rodriguez, as she spirals into the life of a serial killer. Alex’s laconic script for this issue was inspirational, and the way that David interpreted them was outstanding.

Unlike most comic books these days, this book is defined by what isn’t said. Alex’s decision to keep the main character mute for the story was ingenious, and showed a lot of confidence in his collaboration with David. This was such a huge contrast with the rest of this fictional world, that it was almost easier to see Eyesis overcome personal challenges without her narrating every little step she took with the little dialogue being used for mainly an action, rather than exposition; either using a weather forecast as a poetic description of Eyesis’ life, or a shouting match between two men on the street as a source of inspiration for her to overcome her deepest fears.

It was in this aspect that Alex excelled at developing a story with depth and purpose. His main character wasn’t merely just walking through the world popping pills and chain-smoking, but learning and developing. This is a facet of storytelling that is scarce in today’s spandex wearing comic book industry.

In addition to Alex’s writing, David was a definite crutch to solidify the tone of the issue. He did a great job of keeping each panel clean and free of clutter, which gave an uneasy feeling of comfort before, and after, the action scenes, which contrast with the rest of the book, quickly become more dark and sporadic, with highlights of red to really bring out the devastation.

Another big part of the story, since Eyesis was silently suffering for 21 pages, was in David’s facial features. Each saddened face, or expression of pain and anguish, gushed with emotion. Flipping through each page, you didn’t even need dialogue or narration to know what was on her mind, you could just see it. This impact wasn’t only a strong feature with Eyesis either. David did a stellar job showing the hate in the eyes of the two strangers fighting in the street, the rage in the husband’s veiny hands, or the botox smile on the newscaster.

All together, this little book surprised the hell out of me. Meeting these guys at a local con downtown, I had no idea what kind of stories were hiding just below the radar of the mainstream industry. Alex and David’s collaboration is incredible, and honestly better than most books you’ll see raining down from the Big Two. Alex holds nothing back, and treats his readers like the adults they are. And in turn David lays it all out on the page, for the world to see. I absolutely insist that you head the this site here,, and spend the $11 for the whole collection. You will not be sorry. I give Eyesis the Untouchable 5 out 5 stars.

Writer: Alex Delia
Artist: David Espy
Publisher: Puncture Press

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