REVIEW: Fathom Blue #3

Fathom Blue #3
Script – Vince Hernandez
Pencils – Claudio Avella
Digital inks – Chaz Riggs, Gabe Carrasco & Mark Roslan
Colours – Erick Arciniega & Justice
Letters – Josh Reed

Let’s judge this book by its cover…Beautiful woman surrounded by water as a being made of water swims around her. It’s a nice enough cover. The detail isn’t bad. It’s a little boring.

The facts are these… The team have managed to convince an elite blue Ellia to join the rig and help fight a new foe.

If you’re sitting comfortably we can begin… The blues are training with the new elite blue when she leaves to have a word with the captain of the rig. After a show of power she leaves to with her team to Alcatraz to face off with Eries, an old friend of Ellia. The fight doesn’t go her way until her team steps in to help. They take him down and Ellia decides not to hand him over until she gets some answers. As the teams leaves we see a woman has been watching the whole thing go down. To be continued.

I know that’s a short run through but it’s kinda hard to sum up. So the blues are beings that control water and an elite is an extremely powerful blue. Ellia at one point lifts Alcatraz Island with her powers. Many of the speech bubbles are very hard to read, that could be because the blues are meant to be new to the surface and their linguistic skills are lacking or it could be bad writing. I like to be believe it’s the former. The art inside is very hit and miss. Some panels are just awful, they feel rushed. The overall pacing and story isn’t bad at all. I like anything to do with elemental beings and super powered teams.

That’s gonna leave a mark… The fight scenes are not violent. No blood or broken bones.

The Good, the Bad and the Star rating…
The Good – Solid idea with a good team of blues. Room to grow as a team and a good power set.
The Bad – The art let’s this comic down. It’s just not very good. It’s sloppy in places that tends to put me off.
The Stars – It’s easily a 3 star book.

Do you agree with my review? Comment below or find me on Twitter @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of this issue.

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