REVIEW: Find #1

Story: Sam Read
Art: Alex Cormack
Letters: Tyler James
Colors: Alex Cormack
Publisher: Comix Tribe
Release Date: January 21, 2015

It’s not to often that a comic comes along and makes me smile in a sickeningly heartwarming way. Find is one of those books, however, that no matter how curmudgeonly you may try to act, sneaks it’s way into what ever soft tissue your stone heart has left.

The story is straightforward enough and never tries to be anything other than a tale that reminds you of the wonder you felt as kid when you picked up your first comic. If you’re reading this, that probably means it sparked a lifelong love affair with the medium and the countless stories and characters that you’ve encountered down through the years.

That said, when reading this book, it’s best to keep in mind that the characters are more or less generic purposefully; as many people as possible need to be able to see themselves as either Teddy, the alien, or to cop that they run into. This entire book is a visual metaphor and seeks to connect on an emotional level with readers.


The artwork isn’t fantastic and it doesn’t need to be; again, this is more about leaving an impression than being impressive.  The art serves its purpose as a complement to the story and never overtakes the narrative.

If you’re in the market or a feel good story, something light-hearted to take a break from the more intense subject matter, you won’t find a better book.

By: A.C.

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