REVIEW: Fistful of Blood #1

Story: Kevin Eastman
Art: Simon Bisley
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date : 10/21/15

Today IDW re-releases the Fistful of Blood series from creators Kevin Eastman and Simon Bisley. This time around, the team is advertising re-mastered artwork by Kevin Eastman, new colors, and a behind the scenes look into the creation of the stories.

The first installment of this four part series gives us our first look at the stories main character. while she does not speak for the entire issue, she makes her presence felt early and often after waking up in an old western town filled with creeps. After fighting her way through an attempted assault, the mysterious outsider finds an ally, but is once again face to face with the town’s goons shortly after. After learning there is more to these thugs than meets the eye, more bullets fly and she is left with a proposition to think over.

While the story isn’t new, this was my first look at the Fist of Blood series. The story told in issue #1 doesn’t really provide  any insight into what is going on or what the story is supposed  to be about. While that isn’t always necessary, when you’re talking about a four part series every issue counts. Unfortunately, I can’t say much more for the art in this installment. Simon Bisley’s gritty style feels out of place with this story. In addition I feel like stronger character designs would have greatly  benefitted the series.  On a positive  note, the additional  content included in the issue is quite a treat. The creative team gives readers a look into the creation of the issue  with some original  layouts and character designs. I always find it fun to see process leading up to the final product.

Final Verdict: Neither the story or artwork did much for me, even with the advertised  enhancements.  Besides the additional  content  in the back of the book, there isn’t much I can recommend here.

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