REVIEW: Fistful of Blood #3

By Kevin Eastman and Simon Bisley
Published by IDW Publishing

                What happens when you take a western combine it with vampires, zombies and throw in a half-naked woman? You get Fistful of Blood.  The woman who goes by the name Blondie puts herself in the middle of a gang war between vampires and zombies who prey on humans by consuming them and taking their possessions and sell them for a profit. Blondie has been hatching a plan to take out both gangs and that plan is now just starting to reveal itself.

                If you have not read any of the previous issues to the Fistful of Blood series I highly recommend that you do. There is not a lot of back story explanation in this issue and Blondie does not talk at all throughout the entire story. There is even a man and his wife and daughter that are seemingly critical to the plot yet at least in this issue yet you learn nothing about them.

                The artwork while good at times had its moments where it is confusing in telling the story. I like it when the artwork tells the story just as much if not more than the dialogue but at times I felt like it was lacking. An example would be scene transition. The writers have the story jump from scene to scene but the artwork makes the transition look confusing. One frame Blondie is lying almost naked in bed. Next she is walking down the street of the town next she is kicking in a door and then she is covering up a woman and her child and throwing wooden spikes at some vampire. Blondie just appears to be doing something randomly different in each frame without any reason other than one known only to her. I did like the overall color palette and the design of the characters but if the artwork in the whole cannot tell the story then you risk losing the reader.

                In my opinion it is just that if there was smoother scene transition in a few key areas it might help tell the story for the reader. I know I had to go back and read it more than once to make sure I understood parts of the story correctly. Otherwise it’s a very interesting plot and the characters are very creative too.

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