REVIEW: Fistful Of Blood #4

STORY BY Kevin Eastman, Simon Bisley, ART BY Kevin Eastman, Simon Bisley, PUBLISHER: IDW

This comic ends with the adage “End?” and I found myself genuinely hoping the answer was “please god yes!”. There’s vampires, zombies, violence and a gun slinging woman whose soul character trait is getting her erogenous zones into every panel. It all takes place in a wild west/sci-fi setting and the mish mash of genres is far more nauseating than the gore on display.

I guarantee this will be a comic where an irritating little tit who thinks Man of Steel was amazing says “you just don’t get it”. What’s there to get? Bisley hasn’t evolved as a creator since the heady days of Shit the Dog and it looks like Laird WAS the brains behind the Turtles.

It reads like a twelve year old got hold of a word processor after watching too many grindhouse movies. The dialogue is stilted and clichéd and for the most part redundant.

The art is flat, messy and horribly under-designed. There’s not a trace of originality and it’s hard to tell what’s going on from panel to panel.

There’s a very weird art choice of having the sound effects done in a digital, clip art fashion. It looks like some one went mad with a collection of Batman ’66 themed stickers. The contrasting effect makes the page look like someone tried to brighten up an abattoir drip tray by sprinkling MnM’s into it.

This thing is misogynistic, pathetic and not worth another word.

0 Stars

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