REVIEW: Flash: Rebirth #1

I like the Flash, specifically the TV show as the comic is a bit hit and miss. DC Rebirth was good, Superman Rebirth was like scrubbing your perineum with an angry porcupine, so how will Flash Rebirth fair?

Quite well actually. There’s a brief recap of Barry’s origin mirrored in the opening scene, with visions a go go, a retelling of a scene from DC Rebirth but from Barry’s point of view and some navel gazing with a guest appearance from Batman that doesn’t overshadow the story. All in all solid enough but without a central idea of its own it feels a bit all over the place.

The arts an interesting choice. Good at everything except big action scenes of which there is one, a panel with a helicopter next to some kind of lightening fart. That being said when the Flash is running you can hear your inner ear going WOOSH and ZING which is fun. The muted colours in the “slow” bits also create a contrast with the bright and “WOOSHY”  bits and the lightning most Flash artists insist on covering the page,  is kept to a minimum rather than all over the panel.

It stood on its on next to the TV series, but had enough for a new reader to recognize the basic back story, the cosmic bits will lose people a bit but the as a one shot it did its job better than some others I won’t mention *cough* SUPERMAN*cough*.

STORY BY Joshua Williamson
ART BY Carmine Di Giandomenico
COLORS BY Ivan Plascencia
LETTERS BY Steve Wands
COVER BY Karl Kerschl, Jason Pearson

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