REVIEW: Under the Flesh #2

Created and Written by Gilbert Deltres
Art by J.L. Giles
Publisher: Escape Comics

Under the Flesh is described as a sci-fi zombie horror comic, following a small band of survivors as the battle to survive against the infection that only infects males. Taking refuge in a library this latest issue see’s one of their crew go rouge and the super soldier hero Ruben the only male survivor to go chasing after her to bring her back to the group.

This comic shares many comparisons with the Walking Dead, a large portion of both this issue and the first has been spent focusing on the survivors and the politics within the group and how they are quickly beginning to fall apart thanks to internal strife. However, the characters unfortunately did not grab me whilst I was reading this book and seemed to be more clichéd caricatures and beyond Ruben I felt unable to empathise with them which makes a lot of what they face not have as much emotional impact as it could have done. Having Ruben take the spotlight though in this issue proves enjoyable once he breaks away from the group and is allowed to go to town on the infected and this is where the book excels the art and the action scenes. What also interests me more is the mythology that Deltres is building in the background of this series and it’s these nuggets of information and slow reveals that had me wondering what will next for the world as a whole.

Giles is art is simply beautiful the water coloured style mixed in with traditional colours and inks give this book a wonderful unique look. The zombies look terrifying even without being overly decomposed, this is in large part thanks to the amount of detail that is put into each panel resembling the art styles of Jock or Sean Murphy this book looks stunning. Giles also frames the actions scene beautifully; each panel is tense, filled with bone crunching action that is satisfying and utterly brutal.

Under the Flesh does a great job at setting up the world and building an interesting plot line that is sure to pay off in later issues. Minor gripes about the supporting cast aside it appears to be a comic that is playing the long game, and the more this book goes on I have a feeling the payoff will be huge and that this world has a lot more to offer than what we have seen in these first 2 issues.

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