I don’t know where to start.

How is there a working TV in this setup? Or cameras come to think of it?

I  didn’t need the elephant vacuum cleaner having a morose moment of existentialism either.

The whole thing feels like sticking your nob in a trumpet, tonally fucked. On the one hand you have The Flintstones a quirky caveman concept about the stone age that mirrors contemporary life by being done in a cartoon style that suspends your disbelief over a pit of mild humour on the other hand you have this comic that tries to make it all look quasi realistic and explores the themes of how all this would work forcing you to think how the fuck it ever came to be in the first place. It’s a hurdle you can’t jump either so any humour is killed on impact.

The art would be good if it was depicting literally anything else, the core concept would be good if it felt like a parody rather than a sincere attempt to do the Flintstones in a “realistic” way.

How is “Footlicker”, a parody of “Footlocker”, funny?

Nothing about this is funny, it feels like it was created by a committee that thinks humour is how Arnold Schwarzenegger pronounces the name of his four by four and only the art saves it from being Garfield Summer Special bad. 0.1/5

(W) Mark Russell (A) Steve Pugh (CA) Bill Sienkiewicz

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