REVIEW: Freedom Fighter #1

Jason Blume, he’s your typical guy at The Fourth Quarter, a secret branch of the government. The projects are all hush- hush, the work is confidential, but you run the risk of being asked to become the country’s only superhero by your conniving supervisor.

Two years ago Jason was asked to become the new replacement for the masked hero known as Freedom Fighter. Seen by the public as a masked man of mystery, Jason fights at the whim of his less than noble boss who has sent Jason on a mission to take down a terrorist called Rogue Wolf. It turns out that Rogue Wolf may have a connection to Jason and the Freedom Fighter program. (Cue the dramatic score)

When it comes to independently published comics, I can’t stress the need for quality control. This is where a good editor becomes invaluable; there are numerous plot holes in this issue:

For Example: The Freedom Fighter works out of a top secret base, he’s identity his highly classified; yet at the beginning of the story there are two reporters being given a tour of the labs where Freedom Fighter was created. The government cannot confirm or deny the existence of Freedom Fighter, but stop on by the highly secured lab and we’ll let you look around. The only thing missing was a gift shop.

The art needs work. Too many times I was removed from the rhythm of the story because I was distracted by a crudely drawn hand, an odd bit of anatomy, bland backgrounds…etc. When you’re selling a number one issue of your comic or series, you’re introducing more than just your characters and storyline; you are also introducing them to the style and quality that they should expect for the coming issues.

The detail of the colorist changes from panel to panel. It almost appears that there were either multiple colorists or one colorist who had enough time to improve their craft and had to go back and rework panels. (If that was the case then why wasn’t the illustrator given the chance to go back and rework his mistakes?)

Walking into a comic shop I wouldn’t give this book a second glance. I’d move down the rack to the next title that provides a quality and style that I feel is professional and not such a chore to slog through. I understand that this is a young team trying to get their foot in the industry, but they need to go back and take another crack at a winning formula. Learn your trade; take your time, improve your final product. I don’t say this to single anyone out, but I say it in the hopes that a young creative team will take it as a challenge to improve. I wish them the best in their future endeavors. You asked for an honest review, here’s more honesty than you may have wanted.

Freedom Fighter #1
Story: Michael Heitkemper
Art: A.J. Fulcher
Inks & Colors: Rohvel Yumul
Letters: Micah Myers
Publisher: Outpouring Comics

Digital Copies of the Issue #1 can be purchased here:
And, Pre-Orders for physical copies can be placed here:
Physical copies will debut at Khem Con on Feb. 20th.  
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