REVIEW: Freeway Fighter #2

Freeway Fighter # 2 continues the adventure of Bella De La Rosa in this Mad Max-style series. She meets up with a fellow survivor named Ryan. They decide to ride together and talk briefly about Bella’s past. They also speak nostalgically about “the little things” they enjoyed prior to the virus wiping out most life. They have to scavenge for gas to continue their travels in the car that Bella holds dear and calls her baby. The book ends on a cliffhanger of sorts.

The issue starts with an introduction by Ian Livingstone explaining how Freeway Fighter got its start as a role-playing adventure book in 1985. The end of the issue also features a “History of Freeway Fighter” written by Jonathan Green. Fans who have a history with this series will appreciate their inclusion and the celebration of this series’ past.

I found the story well executed, but a bit dull. Not a lot happens in this particular issue and only 20 pages are actually devoted to the main story. I feel that we are oversaturated with post-apocalyptic stories these days. I’m starting to feel some fatigue with this theme. If you are not feeling the same way, you will find this series to be worth looking into. The art, writing, and pacing are of a consistently high quality and it features interesting characters. Bella, in particular, is a strong female lead. She is written as a tough, no-nonsense character who is well equipped for the dark world she inhabits.

Freeway Fighter Issue 2 - Excellent splash page with Bella discovering bodies

The art was the standout feature of the issue for me. Simon Coleby delivers with well rendered and explosive splash pages. The art doesn’t contain a lot of the visual effects that you see in most books these days, which felt refreshing. The amount of detail is consistently high. My only criticism is that the characters seem to have limited facial expressions throughout. It’s a minor gripe. I did appreciate the realistic grittiness and overall quality of the art. The main cover was good, with an interesting angle chosen. Like the rest of the art, it is well rendered and high quality. I give this issue 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Written by Andi Ewington
Pencils and Inks by Simon Coleby
Published by Titan Comics

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