Review: Freeway Fighter #3

Our appetite for the remains of a post-apocalyptic world, where fast cars and weapons are a daily necessity, has yet to be satiated. The Freeway Fighter series, (Titan Comics) based on Ian Livingstone’s book by the same name does its best to satisfy our fascination with what always seems to be a not too distant future that we are dangerously close to calling forth.

The artistic team of Andi Ewington (writer) and Simon Coleby (artist) have done something I find amazing. They’ve given us a solid action comic book without the need for crude language and racy, objectifying art. I find this as a much-needed breath of fresh air. So often the worlds of fantasy/action rely upon the no holds barred, everything goes thought process to appeal to adult readers. We all need to remember that we are dealing with comic books however. If we want a younger generation of readers to stay interested, books like this have to exist to allow them the opportunity to participate in the larger fan community.

Bella De la Rosa, the lead character in Freeway Fighter blazes a fearless path as she and Ryan, her traveling companion, try to get to the town of New Hope. To successfully complete this journey, they will need to outrun, and continue to outmaneuver Animal, and his highway army simply known as Doom Dogs. The action is turned up to eleven from the first page and rarely gives you the opportunity to catch your breath as this quick-moving story delivers from start to finish. Ewington sets a blistering pace in this issue but does not do so to the detriment of the story. While fast-moving, you won’t find choppy dialogue or plot holes. The writing is tighter than a hairpin turn on a F1 raceway.  The artist, Coleby, does a superb job of bringing the script to life and the colors by Len O’Grady jump off each page. The artistic team does not take the easy way out by dulling all buildings, cars, and landscapes simply because most of the book takes place in a rocky desert. Instead, they provided rich topography and vivid hues to help tell the story.

I really like this book on a couple of levels. First, it is a quality addition to the genre of dystopian worlds. These looks into our possible futures have fascinated readers for some time now, but not often are the stories as well-crafted as they are here. Second, the creative team behind this book have taken the high road. They’ve provided a great piece of work that will appeal to readers from the pre-teen age up to adults. Job well done.

Writer: Andi Ewington
Artist: Simon Coleby
Publisher: Titan Comics

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