REVIEW: From Under Mountains Issue #4

From Under Mountains Issue #4
Art by Sloane Leong
Story and Script by Claire Gibson
Cover and Story by Marian Churchland
Published by Image Comics

This issue of From Under Mountains begins with Lady Elena meeting with her father who is feeling responsible for the death of Marcellus.  Elena then goes to speak with the council as they prepare for a meeting with the Goblins.

I can’t really say too much about this issue because not much really happened. Most of this issue consists of the Lady Elena talking to the council then after talking with Sir Mardin Fisher. There are no action scenes what so ever, there are no changes in the plot. No revelations are even made in this issue. It’s like you could have taken this whole issue and skipped over it and not missed a beat in the story. The authors could have taken most of this issue and compact it in two or three pages instead they dragged it out for almost twenty-two pages. I don’t know what the other issues to this story were like but reading this story for the first time from this issue I am lost because there is no back story explained and not much current story being explained either. The lack of all these factors left me disappointed.

While the artwork layout was nice and colors used were warm I can’t say that the artwork helped tell the story much better. All that was pictured were people just standing around talking to each other against pretty backgrounds.

There really isn’t much else to say. You can save your money and skip over this issue you won’t be missing much. I hope that the authors have more excitement in the upcoming issues otherwise this story will be going nowhere.

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