REVIEW: Frostbite #2

So let’s get one thing out-of-the-way: I. Hate. Snow. I hate ice and cold and everything about it, so reading a new comic series that’s centered around what is basically the second ice age, I can definitely feel the characters’ pain. Well, maybe not the sickness that the disease called Frostbite causes with the vomiting and death and all that, but close enough in my little circle.

The first thing I want to say about this book is that I absolutely love the art. Jason Shawn Alexander is one of my definite favorite artists in both the comic book world, and in the whole universe of spiffy art. He brings a grittiness that is both beautiful and cutting to a book, and it pairs excellently with Joshua Williamson’s writing. The characters are clearly defined, and every panel is narrated well and almost a story of its own. I know, super poetic.

But really, having a series centered around this post-apocalyptic world of cold and the judgement upon those with this sickness is an interesting one. It could easily go wrong, and it takes a real finesse to make the reader realize how serious Frostbite is. That coupled with the internal conflicts amongst the main characters gives the story another dimension that just brings out the cleverness of all parties that are working on this series.

Luis NCT goes beyond the concept of cold equaling shades of blue and grey. His talent falls right in place with Jason’s superb illustrations, and uses color to narrate the words along. This is a grim-looking book, there is no doubt about it, but its color palette suits it wonderfully and the somewhat drab scenes only further narrate the mood. The cover is done by Jason as well, and I absolutely love it! Issue #1 cuts a very striking scene, and its follow-up book clashes with it just enough to show the different elements of the story.

It’s in the pull file, I love it. This is one of those books that I wish would come out weekly because I am impatient, and that’s always a good thing. Perhaps not the being impatient part, but the book is great, the end!

Story: 5 Stars
Illustrations: 5 Stars
Colors: 5 Stars
Cover: 5 Stars

Art by: Jason Shawn Alexander
Cover by: Jason Shawn Alexander
Written by: Joshua Williamson
Publisher: DC Comics / Vertigo
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