Review: Fu Jitsu #1

If you’ve been following along at home, you know I’m always ready for a new comic steeped in the tradition and mythology of Kung Fu. These stories, both in book form, and on film have always touched a chord with me. I think it’s the unwavering discipline of the protagonists in these amazing tales that attracts me. With this being said, having an opportunity to review Fu Jitsu #1 (Aftershock Comics) seems to be a perfect match.
We’re introduced to Fu Jitsu, as he is ending a several years long meditation. Little does he know; he will soon be thrust into battle with a madman who wields an atomic katana and wants to rule the world. This very worthy enemy sends a henchman, who happens to look like James Dean, to kill Fu. The rest needs to be read to be believed.

This is not your typical Kung Fu story. Fu Jitsu is a new book written by Jai Nitz, that does not seem to take itself too seriously. There is plenty of Sci Fi fun added into the story that brings a breath of fresh air to martial arts storytelling. The last time I saw these two genres’ mixed well was a movie called Big Trouble in Little China. With this being the first issue of Fu Jitsu, I’m not trying to compare it to one of my favorite moves of all time…yet, but I do like the fact that Nitz and artist Wes St. Claire are doing this.

The writing is superb as it works on a few different levels. First, you’re being introduced to a good story that will hold the interest of anyone who likes Kung Fu stories. It also has a humor about it that is unpretentious and sophisticated. On top of this, there are some fun Sci Fi elements that add an additional layer to the fun.

This is a really good first offering for this new series. It does a great job introducing the characters and setting up the story for months to come. It does this with a style that is much appreciated.

(W) Jai Nitz (A/CA) Wesley St. Claire

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