If you’re a fan of sci-fi westerns like Firefly or Cowboys vs. Aliens then this graphic novel (that collects issues 1-3) is right up your alley. Adapted by accomplished writer Tim Seeley; the story is a mish mash of Western troupes hog tied into a neat science fiction package. Keep in mind that this series is based on the films penned by legendary comic scribe Peter David, who knows a thing or two about writing a thing or two.

The story begins with a mysterious alien girl showing up on a distant and unnamed planet, where she makes her way to the backwater town of Oblivion. The only populated center on this entire mining planet. The alien girl’s name is Lyz Azorr, daughter to notorious outlaw, Red Eye. She’s come looking for help to find the hidden treasure of her dead father.

From here we meet the rowdy bunch of cowpokes that round out our cast. First there is Sheriff and empath (meaning he can feel the emotions of those around him) Zack Stone. Then there is his deputy and Native Alien sidekick Buteo, and his other deputy, cybernetic hottie Stell Barr. There are a few other supporting characters like Oblivion’s drunken doctor, Doc and the town’s Madame with a whip.

The bulk of the story is based around a strange illness that has sickened Lyz. A strange map has begun to form on her back and it’s this deadly illness that has led her to Oblivion. She believes that this is a sign from her criminal father to find his lost treasures. One thing leads to another and the gang is being hunted by bounty hunters, fighting the local wildlife, and trying to stay alive long enough for Lyz to fulfill her destiny.

Final Thoughts: While Seeley has done a decent job with the story it is the art of Romina Moranelli that really stands out in this collection; fantastic to look at and fun to read.

Final Grade: 4 Stars

Oblivion TPB
Story: Tim Seeley
Art: Romina Moranelli
Colors: Marcelo Costa
Letters: Dave Dwonch
Publisher: Action Labs

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