REVIEW: Future Quest Presents #6

“Son of Birdman”

BIIIIIIIRRRRDDD MAN!!!! You know you hear it in your head the second you see the classic Hannah-Barbera hero. Old School fans might even through the hands up to their faces in the classic gesture of the Saturday Morning icon’s mask as they yell out his name. Birdman was one of the best of the forgotten heroes of early morning weekend TV and this issue takes me right back to being sprawled out in front of the television with a bowl of Lucky Charms in front of me as I watched the adventures of Birdman.

This is how classic superhero comics should be done. This comic is fantastic for all the right reasons. Right from page one we’re introduced to a young man named Menton, who is seated in the principal’s office, trying to explain a violent drawing he drew of a monster devouring his teacher and classmates. It’s this sniveling youngster that lashes out and becomes the villain known as Mentok “The Mind Taker”.

It’s this soft build up to a amazing reveal that sets the stage for a great read. Even when we transition to years later and we watch Mentok lead his cult in a ceremony to awaken a dark fleshless God. Even without the text it’s easy to see that Mentok believes himself better than the rest of humanity…there’s that and the fact that he is bat-crap crazy; willing to kill anyone and everyone around him to achieve more power. None of this bolds well for Birdman.

Just based on the intro alone this comic would receive a high score, but add in the soap opera style drama of Birdman running into his former wife and learning that he has a cancer ridden son is too compelling to pass up. I first I thought the premise was a bit heavy handed, but just a few pages later I was invested in the story line enough to get choked up when Birdman tries to heal his son.

Phil Hester has hit a home run with this issue. It is the perfect blend of comic book goodness that fans crave. Couple this top notch narrative with Steve Rude’s  dazzling art and you have a comic that readers will reach for time and again. While there are readers out there that will complain about the “throwback” style of this comic I can only heap praise on this title. This scratched an itch for me that has long been needing attention. This is just a flat-out entertaining comic– Kudos to the creative team for all their hard work. This is what a superhero comic can be in the hands of two master storytellers. Final Score: 4 ½ out of 5 stars!

Future Quest Presents #6
Story- Phil Hester
Art- Steve Rude
Colors- John Kalisz
Letters- ALW’s Dave Lanphear
Publisher- DC Comics

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