REVIEW: G.I. Joe #224 Cobra World Order Pt. 6

Written by Larry Hama |Art by S. L Gallant |Inks by Derek Fridolfs
Colors by J. Brown |Letters by Neil Uyetake
Editor Carlos Guzman
Published by IDW

G.I. Joe has thwarted yet another evil plan of Cobra’s but this time at the cost of two of their own Joes. Both “Chuckles” and “Cover Girl” now lie in critical condition in the hospital after completing their missions. With Cobra on the run the whole country takes time to reflect on the events which took place. Meanwhile Destro and the Baroness have Zartan search Cobra Command’s former headquarters for clues to find out where Cobra was going next.

I don’t know about you but I was raised on the idea that I could pick up a G.I. Joe comic and expect to see outlandish battles with inconceivable weapons, gung-ho soldiers that rushed into battle head first, creating massive destruction without anyone getting killed, yet in this issue there is hardly any fighting going on. There’s one battle scene in the whole book and it’s just Destro and the Baroness attacking a Cobra Command base that doesn’t even put up much of a resistance.  Where’s all the cool military action I come to expect.

If a lack of action doesn’t get you upset enough then the overuse of politics to tell the story might. Using references to current events in Washington D.C. and trying to tie Cobra Command in some way with the war on terror may seem like a good idea but use it too heavily and you may lose a reader who is just a kid or even an adult trying to get lost in a comic book for a while. I understand you may need some reference to tell the story but too much reality on an action comic may turn a reader off. S. L. Gallant’s artwork was right on the money. That makes up for a lot. I must give Kudos to Derek Fridolfs for his inking and J. Brown for the excellent color work.

So if you want to find out if Destro and the Baroness catch up and find Cobra Commander then pick up this issue today. You better hurry because you know that Cobra Commander is a sneaky one and can change tactics at any moment.

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