REVIEW: G.I.Joe Complete Collection #8

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Codename: Dodgy86 in the mix bringing you G.I.Joe The Complete Collection volume 8 by the legendary Larry Hama with art by Herb Trimpe, R.

The stories of ‘The Real American Hero’ based on the infamous toy line in the 1980’s are in comic form giving life to action figures released at that time. Our heroes of G.I.Joe are at war against their antagonists the evil Cobra. But Cobra is unstable as Destro who is well-known as being Cobra’s weapon supplier and their 2nd in command, now he’s created his own mutiny to announce himself as leader. This is the time for Destro to no longer be the second-tier super villain.

This story is full of Destro versus Cobra, will G.I.Joe smack in the middle!


This book is 300+ pages of ‘Ka-Bloooey!’ Action!

This is a collection originally published by Marvel Comics in 1988, myself being a child during this time owned 80% of the G.I.Joe figures and vehicles based on the characters in this comic. This is awesome! Larry Hama best known in the comic world for his run on Wolverine during the 90s was himself a war veteran added honesty to the military aspect of this book as well as fantasy. The art is consistently thorough, you hardly notice a change of artist. It’s still awesome.


For fans of G.I.Joe and the toy line you will not be disappointed, just see it as a toy catalogue brought to life. Do ya’self a favor and check it out!

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