REVIEW: G.I.Joe Snake Eyes: Agent of COBRA

G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes : Agent of COBRA
Writer – Mike Costa
Art – Paola Villanelli
Colours – Joana Lafuente
Letters – Neil Uyetake

Don’t judge a book by its cover, or do, your choice…Not a bad cover, simple reds. With Snake Eyes on a Cobra logo.

Might wanna sit down, this could take a while…

Part One:

I do enjoying starting at the beginning of a story. Makes my job so much easier. So let’s begin.

We open on Destro being transported under heavy guard and chains when the roof is sliced open and he is dragged out by Snake Eyes. Using Destro as a human shield against the onslaught of bullets (Destros skin being coated in metal makes that a good idea) Destro having no idea what’s happening as was already in custody complains that it still hurts so Snake throws Destro off the van and into deep water. Destro sinks quickly, his metal skin weighs too much for him to swim so he simple walks to follow Snake out of the water and to a waiting group of COBRA agents.
Still unclear on what’s happening Destro orders Snakes death before being informed that Snake now works for COBRA since the fall of the Joes.

Flashback time… Many years ago a young Mr James and his stable hand head out for a horse riding lesson. On the outskirts of his fathers land is a rival family’s orchard and orders his stable boy to get him some. Back home James’s father asks whose I idea it was and James quickly blames the poor boy. James father has the stable boy sent away and punished, as for James, he is whipped for not only lying to his father but for wasting an asset that could have been used later.
Back to the future…

Destro gives Snake an assignment. A female Joe took something before the fall and he wants it. Snake travels all over killing for information. Finally he locates her and holds her at sword point. At first she thinks he wants a file she took until he hands her a photo of a young man named Billy. Snake is looking for Cobra Commander’s son. Dun dun duuuun!

Part Two:

Berlin 14 months ago,the female Joe agent Eeika is enjoying a sunny day beneath a tree when she’s approached by a stranger, He knows who she is and has a job for her. She can agree or die. She agrees and begins working for the Yakuza. Back to now and she’s telling Snake she has no idea where the boy is. However Ronin disappeared the same time and is more then likely protecting him. As soon as she tells him this she is shot with arrow to the heart. Snake immediately chases after the archer and makes light work of him as two more assailants flee, the chase ends quickly with the help of some cooking oil and an open flame. Erika wakes up and sees the arrow l, exclaiming it chyle t have been the Yakuza as they use guns so who was it? snake points to something off screen.

We find out who send the archer as he belittles two of his men. The man behind the attempt on Erikas life is……Storm Shadow!!

Part Three:

Cobra commanders son is making friends with a local lad as Ronin shows up and scares him away. They’ve made home and she wants to keep him safe.

Vienna years ago.

Billy and his mother are in their home when armed men burst in and start shooing. His mother does her best to protect him but is killed as more armed men burst in and kill the first lot saving Billy. Destro himself leads his men as he takes Billy somewhere safe. Back to now and Ronin is heading out on a supply run lacing Billy alone. Billys friend comes screaming for help as the river violently thrashes stopping him for being able to get home and almost drowning some tourists. Without hesitation Billy jumps in to safe them and a wave heads for them.
Erika finds uploaded pictures of Billy saving people and sends Snake the location. Billy is in hospital with a broken leg. Th doctors ask about a previous brake as they will need to operate and remove the pin in his leg. Billy is asleep when someone comes into his room to kill him but Ronin is there and ready she takes him out before the hospital is over run with white ninjas.

Part Four:

Ronin is taking in the ninjas with a vengeance. She takes them out like she’s done it a thousand times before. But faced with Storm Shadow is simple out classes. He mocks her as they fight before dealing the final blow. As he’s about to kill Billy too Snake shows up…

Part Five:

The two master swordsman battle before Snake draws first blood. The pair continue to fight appearing that neither one will get the upper hand. It’s takes a lot but finally Snake Impales Shadow and is about to finish him when Shadow pulls the pins in several Grenades. Snake, Erika and billy join up and we check in on Deatro in Castle Destro.
Destro asks after Storm Shadow and more importantly about the package, asking to see it Snake hands him a cloth. Wrapped inside is the pin from Billy’s leg. Now all of COBRA is within Destros grasp.

Erika tells Billy his father had the pin implanted, it’s encoded with everything one would need to take over COBRA. Luckily they gave him a fake.

Not a bad story really. Fast paced. Lots of action. For a book where the main character doesn’t say a word it didn’t feel like you were missing out. Overall I liked it. The artwork inside is very clean.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye…A fair bit of death and violence in this one. Mostly ninjas but Erika gets an arrow to the chest and Ronin is stabbed through with a sword. Storm Shadow is blown up off panel.

The Good, the Bad and the Meh…
The Good – the art. The pacing. The twist ending. The fight pages.
The Bad – although it’s a full story is still feels like the middle of an overall arch.
The Meh – it doesn’t feel like too much was resolved by the end.

Not being a G.I.Joe fan I have to be honest and say this is a good story to start. Far from great but it’s a good start. It’s in the higher scale of 3.5 stars.

Do you agree with my review? Comment below or find me on Twitter @DawnOfComics and let me know.

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