Mister Evanier, I’m truly sorry.

The sheer joy I felt when my reader crashed half way through this rectal cancer is hard to describe. Did you know Garfield hates Mondays? That Nermal is cute? That Garfield is a concept so dead inside it reads like the last rights of a handicapped child on death row.

I’ve read Evanier’s work before, he’s witty and erudite and a proper giggle. I don’t know what happened here but I’d love to know which cheek was used to half arse this clinger encrusted, bum pube. There’s entire sonnets of unfunny dialogue in a comic about a cat that used to take up four panels.

The art is…Garfield you’ve seen it before, nothing new here and this would have been THE place to sharpen up a house style so stale it makes a nuns vagina look overused.

There’s a bit where Nermal is packed in a box for Abudabi and he actually says (several times) “this isn’t funny”. Great a comic with self loathing issues.

It’s a “comic” that finally made me understand why the Nazis had all those bombfires, and I think its time to send that fat orange twat to be put to sleep.

0 Stars

(W) Scott Nickel, Mark Evanier (A) Brittney Williams, Sara Talmadge, Lissy Marlin (A/CA) Andy Hirsch

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