After drooling over the epic Stay Puft Marshmallow man variant covers of the current Ghostbusters one shot I finally dove into this Funko universe issue written by Troy Dye and art by Phillip Murphy. Now I grew up with the original Ghostbusters movies and show and let me say this. I will always watch or read any type of Ghostbuster anything. I wouldn’t care if they were Ghostbuster cats, dogs or aliens. I would watch and or read it. Okay now that’s out-of-the-way let’s take a look at Funko Ghostbusters!

It opens with a man who works a history museum moving an ancient shrunken then dropping it releasing a red ninja ghost with a vendetta! Meanwhile at Ghostbusters HQ. The gang of Peter, Egon, Ray, and Winston are playing a nice board game as well as arguing over it. Egon of course wins the game through strategic arts by making your enemies fight each other. Their about to go another round Jeanine interrupts the game by informing them there’s a ghost situation down at the history museum. At the museum, ghost crazy fun is taking place as the red ninja ghost is beginning to wake up his ghost brethren in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Low and behold the ghosts have been westernized so it’s going to take some work finding them and getting back into shape. The Ghostbusters show up and begin to tangle with the ghosts. Ninja ghosts can be trickier than regular ghosts because their ninjas. So after a museum ho down of a fight they escape, but not before Peter recognizes what the ghosts are from an old kung fu movie. Once upon a time there were four warriors that each mastered a form of fighting. There was the master of ninjutsu, the samurai’s blade, archery, and hand to hand combat. Although enemies, if they were ever to team up their combined force could conquer the world. Not while the Ghostbusters are on the job.

With three of the four ghosts already formed up and searching for the last, they head for Japan to where the last one resides and so are the Ghostbusters. The ghosts even take a plane, which is hilarious. We find our ghosts at an ancient temple followed by the Ghostbusters followed by another one-sided fight. The Ghostbusters just can’t get a handle on ninja ghosts! But just as the fight looks grim for our boys, the ghosts all vanish just like that. Thinking victory at hand the Ghostbusters are ready to call it a day only to be surprised as all four ghosts are now joined into a giant super ghost and summoning an army of undead! How are the Ghostbusters going to get out of this one??

With plenty of comedy and quick remarks and comebacks this comic doesn’t disappoint the kid in us all who is in love with the Ghostbusters. There tons of easter eggs as well for your hunting eye pleasure. I don’t even own a funko pop but enjoyed this Ghostbuster one shot for a quick comic fix. Five out of five stars for fun!

(W) Troy Dye (A) Philip Murphy (CA) Eddie Irizarry

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