REVIEW: Ghoul Scouts #2

In Full Moon Hollow, America’s Paranormal Capital, the residents have come to expect the odd strange occurrence from time to time but a small misfit group of Boy Scouts didn’t expect to be imagefacing off against hoards of the un-dead during their camping trip.

Last issue we saw our three lads Separated from their scout leader and running for their lives, they bumped into two Girl Scouts who have also been separated from their scout and now the five pre-teens must team up to save their troops, their town and themselves from countless Zombies.

If you’ve read any of my reviews on Zombie books you will know that I can’t get enough, you add a little humour and some truly likable characters and I’m there, you add a little something to make it stand out and I’ll be back again and again and that is what we’ve got here, kids fighting Zombies and kicking un-dead butt. When I started reading I got flashbacks from a fun little Movie called Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse


 ( if you’ve not seen it it’s worth checking out) what’s not to love here, capable young lads and lasses able to make smart decisions and adapt quickly. Add to that a winning combination of gorgeous art and stunning page layouts you get a little eek of excitement out of me.
I love everything about this book from the great title and awesome covers to the fun story and quick pacing.

As if I even need to say 5 stars hands down.

Ghoul Scouts:Night of the Unliving Undead #2
Written & Letters by Steve Bryant
Art by Mark Stegbrauer
Colours by Jason Millet
Published by Action Lab
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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