REVIEW: Giant Days #12

Where have you been all my life John Allison? This is the kind of witty dialogue and banter that you pray to the comic Gods to read in a superhero team book, yet here it is, tucked away in this charming little book offered by Boom.

Every character jumps off the page, each with their own set of quirks and personality. I tore through this title with a fevered rush that I haven’t experienced in a minute. From the first word to the last sentence this story doesn’t miss a beat. Allison needs to find his way to Spider-Man right now. This brand of humor and off-beat conversation is what Peter Parker is made for.

The story of three women camping in the woods is usually the main plot to a slasher horror movie, but here its the end result of a school election gone wrong. Fresh off a break up with her boyfriend McGraw, Susan needs to get away. Enter her two friends Daisy and Esther.Esther is battling confidence issues as she can’t seem to do anything right, and Daisy…well Daisy is obsessed with fixing her problems, and releasing a bird back into the wild.

The tale doesn’t sound very complex when it’s laid out like that, but rest assured, there is more characterization in one page of this book that most titles can achieve in a multiple issue arc. The artwork in this title is the perfect 1-2 punch to the writing. Sarin gives each page a fun energy that ties in with the snappy pace.This series needs a cartoon right now. This is the stuff that Daria on MTV in the late 90’s made famous. Modern female characters that use humor and sarcasm to tremendous effect.

I have never handed out a perfect score on before. I was saving it for a special title that caught me off guard and wowed me. Giant Days did that and then some. I give this comic the highest of recommendations.5 stars!

Giant Days #12
Story: John Allison
Art: Max Sarin
Colors: Whitney Cogar
Letters: Jim Campbell
Publisher: Boom!

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