Review: Giantkillers #0

Earlier this year, IDW and Ominous Press announced they were teaming up to bring several new Sci-Fi/Fantasy comics to readers. The partnership seems to be working as this week we are presented with Giantkillers #0, the new offering from Bart Sears & Ron Marz. This first, double sized issue, gives us a pair of stories that bring us tales of the weary warrior Arkon, the Giantkiller, who is tasked with protecting a young girl named Auoro who is being hunted by the Dred Lord Omin.

This new mini-series is a throwback to fantasy comics of yesterday with its larger-than-life art, masterful world building and tremendous storytelling. The artwork of Bart Sears and Tom Raney is over the top good. In this zero-issue comic, we learn that Auoro is destined to become quite powerful. She has a destiny to face off with the Dread Lord Omin, who fears the power she will grow to have.

This is a fantasy comic which delivers on everything I could want out of the genre. We’re presented with far away worlds that contain magic and mystery. We’re also dropped into the middle of a crisis that can only be solved with epic battle scenes containing plenty of destruction. How does Nebraska fit into all of this? You’ll find out as you explore this world jumping new epic.

The new series starts in earnest with the February release of issue 1, but I highly recommend picking up the issue 0 being released this week. The character introductions we’re presented with are wonderful and the foundation for the story is laid out masterfully. The issue deals with a child, someone who’s path is foretold, yet all they want is to be a child. A warrior must protect them, while they encourage them to embrace the prophecy they must fulfill. This hero’s journey tale, mixed with the amazing fantasy scenes drawn by Sears and Raney really pique my interest in the new series. The coming four issue series, based on this introduction will definitely be added to my pull list. Any fans of fantasy books would be encouraged to give this new series a look.

(W) Bart Sears, Ron Marz (A) Tom Raney (A/CA) Bart Sears

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