REVIEW: Go West #3

This was my first time reading a comic published by Alterna. I’ve heard of the company for years, but this is my first taste of what the publisher has to offer. To be honest; it’s wasn’t that bad.

The story is your typical western revenge tale. A good man loses it all to the hands of a conniving bastard and has to take a hero’s journey to redemption. In this issue it’s the final standoff between Slade and the aptly named Creep. There is your run-of-the-mill fight where good guy and bad guy go toe-to-toe, a lot of town’s folk die. You get the picture.

My verdict on the storytelling is that the story was just flat. The good guys talk in stilted clichés, the bad guys spout threats left and right. There is a serious lack of build up between the characters that lead to the final fight. You want to root for the side of justice, but the comic reads so quickly that the issue is over before it really has a chance to settle in and make an impact.

The highlight and saving grace of this title is the art. If you are a fan of the artwork that we have seen ED BENES create in Justice League, then you’ll like what Saint Yak has to offer; the two artists seem to be cut from a similar cloth. If it wasn’t for the dynamic artwork I would have scored this book significantly lower.

My biggest gripe with this comic is the coloring. It’s spot-colored. This choice kills any atmosphere or tone the art may have had. This title needs to be full color! It would only benefit this title. Why no one fought the creators on this is a mystery.  I hated this half-hearted effort. The art and the artist deserve better.

If you’re a hardcore western fan then you will enjoy this book, but if you’re expecting anything that will really excite you as a reader; it’s best to just mosey along to the next book on the shelves.

Quick Hit- There is a lot to love about this comic, but there is also a lot to hate.

Final Score: 3 out of 5 stars

Go West #3
Story: Garrett Gunn
Art: Saint Yak
Letters: HDE
Publisher: Alterna

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