REVIEW: God Hates Astronauts #07

Story By: Ryan Browne
Art By: Aaron Conley
Cover By: Aaron Conley
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: 04/01/2015

Ok, so I am new to this book, but as a reviewer, I take a deep breath and jump in. (Funnily enough, that was the advice I got when I was a kid learning to swim. It did not go down well, but more on that later).

From the get go, this book has it’s “chaos factor” turned up way high. The narration, provided by Charles Soule doesn’t really help. I have to say, I have seen the “let’s have a phrase for a middle name” loads of times, Stan the man Lee is probably one of the most famous, and on occasion Giffen and DeMatteies Justice League book, have found it funny.  Here, it just set my spider-sense buzzing to the point where it’s seems like a desperate shout saying “Read me. Read me. I am really really funny”. It wasn’t.

So on with the book. As I said there is chaos upon chaos here.  The art is ok, in that it fits the book, with a cartoon style which doesn’t take itself seriously. It even manages to poke fun at the whole “women in skimpy clothes” debate.

Writing wise, the book is just in your face. It’s vulgar, both in script and art, and to be honest, if it’s meant to be funny satirical, it’s lost in the profanity. Now I am not against bad language but I just don’t find it’s over use to be funny.  It’s like the vocal equivalent of a fart joke!

The above comments probably say more about me than this book. Suffice to say, just like that fateful day with my first swimming lesson, I am out, grabbing a towel and heading home.

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