REVIEW: God Hates Astronauts #5

Written by Ryan Browne
Art by Ryan Browne
Published by Image Comics
Release date: January 7, 2015

After picking up an issue of God Hates Astronauts a few months back, I have been hooked and completely in love with this series. After all, what’s not to like about a book where the main villain is named King Tiger Eating A Cheeseburger?

Issue #5 starts with a flashback to two years prior as we pick up after Admiral Tiger Eating A Cheeseburger – the king’s son – lost his life, and sparked the king’s invasion of Earth with his space crab armada. As it turns out, he may not be dead after all, but rather taken by a cosmic being who seems to be equal parts Galactus and Mister Mxyzptlk with the mind of a child. Fast forward to the future, and Star Grass is getting his butt handed to him as his new cow-impulse control implant has made him into a bit of a sissy instead of the powerful fighter he normally is. After having the implant destroyed by his wife, he and Croad the Unfortunate resume an all out battle with one of the best action sequences to come out of this series since issue one.

Obviously, God Hates Astronauts doesn’t take itself very seriously, but there is so much to like. Ryan Browne’s script is always so funny and original that I love every page of each issue. The pacing may be a little hectic for some readers though as there is a huge cast of characters, and so many subplots that it can be a little difficult to keep up. Everything is interrelated though, and after every issue, these connections become a little more obvious, regardless of how ridiculous those subplots may be.

Browne’s art continues to be top notch and rich in detail. There is so much variety in the look and feel of environments – cityscapes, spacecraft, etc – and characters that this proof is proof at just how talented and imaginative Browne really is.

God Hates Astronauts may be a tough series to follow due to its various intricate and nonsensical stories, but it is so much fun that it is well worth the read. God Hates Astronauts #5 is a definite must buy.

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