Review: Godshaper #6

Si Spurrier has never been afraid of asking the big questions. And in the final chapter of Godshaper, he shows us that as in so many cases the questions, and how we face them, are more important and more interesting in than the actual answers. The one definitive answer we do get from the series is that there are things more important than currency, whether you count that in dollars, euros, or magic beads.

That isn’t to say that Ennay, Bud, Sal and others don’t get to learn important facts about the gods, the godbodies, the godless, the church and the gangs. In this chapter, the action moves from sinful Las Vegas casinos to a family friendly Salt Lake City concert. (Some things don’t change from universe to universe.)

What is it about the concert that is bringing the church and mobsters together? The singer has the third largest god on Earth and if they can gather enough smaller angry gods together they can kill it and gather all the remaining beads for themselves.

Only one thing can upset their plans, that is Ennay and Bud working together again.

While not all the big questions get answered, we do learn what happened to Ennay and Sal’s mentor and why. We also learn the bigger secret to the core of the society and the ultimate cost of each person having their own god.

Jonas Goonface is an equal partner to Spurrier with his art matching and improving the mood of the script throughout. Much like the godshapers themselves, his art is unruly and defiant. It explodes with such emotional power to back up the story. His panel becomes as chaotic as the action they contain and we are all the better for it.

If you’ve been following along for the whole series this issue will pay off in spades. If you just picked this off the shelf out of curiosity about all the praise the series has been getting, go back to your comic store and rifle through the back issue shelves until you find the other five issues. You’ll be so glad you did. You know what they say about a good ending leaving you wanting more? Not only does this do that, but you know what some of the more is yet to be explored.

Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Jonas Goonface
Letters: Colin Bell
Cover Jonas Goonface
Publisher: Boom! Studios

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